GATS Clinic – Tele-clinic

For the safety of our community, due to global CoViD19 outbreaks, per CDC, DPH guidelines, we will have only tele-clinic until further notice.

Consultations will be provided by online appointments only.

Please note, this free clinic is available only for uninsured/underinsured individuals at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

It will be 3 steps process,

1. Please complete this online appointment form and choose one of the available slots

2. GATS’s Clinic volunteer will call registered patients to determine eligibility criteria and complete the appropriate medical forms

3. To maintain the privacy of patients, registered patients get individual web conference links for their allotted time. Our physician will provide consultation and the prescription (as needed) over the web conference.

Please select the next 3rd Sunday of the month and a suitable appointment time below