If it is a life-threatening issue please call 911.

GATS Crisis Response Team’s mission is to provide personal, confidential and caring support to Tamil community in Atlanta. If you are in crisis please contact us using the form below or
email us at crt@gatamilsangam.org or
call us on +1-678-465-8151
and the team will make its best effort to respond to the request within 24 hours based upon the nature of the request.

Please be aware that we can work with you for incidents like,

  • Medical opinion for serious health condition like heart disease, stroke, cancer
  • Visa Issues – Delays (stuck in India), Denied (leave the US) etc
  • Travel support – Lost Passport, canceled/missed flight during travel
  • Accident impact – Motor, workplace or outdoor

We are not equipped to support incidents like,

  • Job issues
  • Financial help – Family support, kids education
  • Natural disasters