A language – that is so ancient that its words form roots for words in other world-languages; whose grammar was set up thousands of years ago and has withstood Time and impacts of other world-languages – should be taught, shared and spread. GATS has committed itself for decades to Tamil Education. Thanks to its committed teams of volunteer teachers and school-administrators, GATS has several schools around metro-Atlanta. We have hundreds of native and local-born Tamil students – aged from 4 to 30, trusting us for years, to learn Tamil. Hundreds of volunteer teachers – who are all native Tamil speakers and college-degree holders – teach these students, thus keeping the class-size small.

What Do We Teach And How:

We follow California Tamil Academy(CTA)’s and American Tamil Academy(ATA)’s Syllabus. Established syllabi for each school year are taught to students from Pre-school to Grade 7, Level 1, 2, 3, 4 (for Middle and High-school students, to earn credit for World language in their respective schools). The syllabus, weekly homework, participation, and grading are all maintained through CTA’s website with protected logins for administrators, teachers, and parents. Our students participate in several school projects, Annual day and other celebrations, thus learning the language and the culture.

GATS Tamil schools are accredited by Georgia Accrediting Commission, as EDUCATIONAL AGENCIES WITH SPECIAL PURPOSES.

GAC has strict guidelines in accrediting these Educational agencies.

Our Commitment:

Our local Tamil community has wholeheartedly supported our commitment to Tamil Education. We have seen exploding growth in the number of students in our Tamil schools to well over 2000. GATS Executive Committee and Board of Directors have historically committed themselves to Tamil Education. GATS and its schools have committed to working together with financial support from GATS in need, in order to provide ongoing support and endorsement of our Tamil Schools.

Our Schools :



Other schools in Metro Atlanta

GATS Center For American Tamils:

The first step for Glorious Tamil Culture for All

Why are we teaching Tamil

  • Tamil is the basis of our Tamil culture
  • Our children have to interact with people back Home
  • Good for creativity and brain development to know more language
  • Above all Tamils is our Mother tongue